Twelfth Night

January 14th-February 2nd 2020

Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Twelfth Night: a time of mischief, trickery and debauchery.

When Viola washes up on the shores of Illyria, she witnesses the festivities first hand and is drawn into the schemes of the lovestruck Duke Orsino, and subjected to the antics of the anarchic Toby Belch. At first it’s all fun and games, but then things take a more serious turn…

Twelfth Night exposes a world of love triangles, plotting drunkards and false identities. In the northern town of Illyria anything goes, especially on Twelfth Night.

Following their sell-out production of King Lear, Yard Players bring a vibrant and modern take to one of Shakespeare’s most renowned comedies, in a production full of comic twists and dark turns.

Yard Players are an emerging company from south-east London, bringing accessible, intelligent and fast-paced productions of classical texts to new audiences.

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This is Shakespeare just how it should be; a clear, concise, focus on the lines and an excellent delivery from a stellar cast ★★★★★  Everything Theatre


Yard Players breathe new life into the old dog and have created an intelligent, invigorating and witty production ★★★★ Fairy Powered Productions


It’s moving, aggressive and a with creative use of the space and way of storytelling. ★★★★ Last Minute Theatre Tickets

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